Practice safe shooting at all times.  Please inspect every arrow for damage before every shot.  Carbon can crack or split causing degradation of the shafts structural integrity.  These defects do not only occur from shooting, but can also occur during shipping due to rough package handling.  FLEX IT FIRST before every shot, whether the arrow is straight out of the package or has been shot thousands of times. Hold the shaft at both ends and flex it away from yourself and others. Roll the arrow and repeat this step many times across the entire diameter of the shaft, not only looking for splinters or cracks, but also listening closely for cracking or popping sounds.  Repeat as needed until you are confident the arrow is structurally sound.  If you see or hear any faults or defects, the arrow should be thrown away.  DO NOT SHOOT DAMAGED ARROWS.  Shooting a damaged arrow could lead to serious injury or even death in severe cases.  Not only can the shooter be potentially harmed, so can on-lookers or fellow Archers.  Practice common sense, stay safe and enjoy your shooting time!