DNA Nucleus Bare Shaft - Carbon Fiber Arrows

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A hard-hitting, thick-walled, micro diameter shaft for ultimate penetration.  This .165 ID shaft offers a heavy GPI parallel design to maximize energy transfer to the target.  With a .003 straightness factor and +/- 1 GN weight variance, this micro diameter shaft is sure to fly true.   Paired with bullet proof Insert-Outsert systems from Ethics Archery, this shaft delivers what every heavy hitter is looking for.
  • Bare shafts
  • Sold by the dozen - Qty 1 = 12 shafts
  • .003 Straightness Factor
  • +/- 1 GN Weight Variance
  • 31" uncut length
  • Includes nocks and Ethics Archery aluminum post and outsert sleeve system adjustable from 45-65 grains
  • Upgrade to Ethics Archery aluminum post with stainless steel sleeve for added weight and FOC.  Adjustable from 80-100 grains
  • Available in 250 spine
  • Some sanding may be required for Outsert system installation

DNA Nucleus Arrow Shaft Spec Chart